Monday, August 17, 2015

We arrive in Winnipeg - July 2015

We arrived in Winnipeg on Monday evening in the wee hours of the morning.  Lorelle and Jake waited up for us and joined us at the house we were going to call home for the week.  Here are just a few photos of some of the happenings before the wedding.  There's a ton of wedding photos to go through so I'll stop at this for now.

And we're off to Winnipeg!!!

So the day to leave for Winnipeg has finally arrived!  We borrowed a motorhome from Henry's sister and packed all the wedding stuff and our bags and we were off.  It was a very comfortable and fun ride - even though it was quite long we enjoyed it.  We left Friday after work and arrived in Red Deer, AB on Saturday evening to visit with Matt & Fio for the weekend.  It was a very special weekend because they had baptism for their little daughter and Mama Flora and Mama Grande were visiting as well.  So much fun catching up - and playing liar's dice till 2 in the morning.  Crazy people!

Wedding Prep - June 2015

While Lorelle was busy preparing for her wedding in Winnipeg we were doing our best to help her.  Here we are putting together her favors!  Vincent could often be seen face timing or just chatting on the phone with Lorelle as he played.

The Dethan's Visit - June 2015

My sister from Indonesia and her family have been planning a trip to Canada for some time.  This was planned so everyone could be together for my parents 55th wedding anniversary this July.  So on their way to Toronto they made a stopover in Vancouver - spent a couple days on Vancouver Island visiting friends and then stayed for two days & one night at our place in Lynden before leaving to spend several months with family in Ontario.  The kids just loved it - next time we hope things work out that they can spend more time with us.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where have I been? March 2015

So I've finally found some time to spend online and realize I have not posted for three months.  Not a lot has happened - we've enjoyed a fairly warm winter without a lot of rain.  I've finally had the pleasure of growing things in a greenhouse - our chicken coop is now covered in plastic and I've had fun growing little starts and some plants from seeds.  Spring has arrived early so I already have all my "cold weather" plants in my garden.  Last month Vincent and I finally made a trip to Winnipeg and had a wonderful time visiting Lorelle and Jake and the Cavers.  I will try to find some photos of our time there - the weather was quite nice.  We were able to get lots of wedding plans completed and we're really looking forward to returning again for their wedding in July.

PS  Okay - Here's the photos I said I might find - finally finding time to add to my blog!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mt. Baker

We managed to get up Mt. Baker on January 1st - it was an amazingly beautiful day!!  Just being up there is such an incredible experience - God's majesty is on display everywhere you look.  I did some sledding on the hills with Vincent and then skiid for part of the afternoon.  

December 2014

Here's just a couple pictures - Christmas was fairly quiet at our place this year.  Vincent loves the decorating part - not always very helpful but definitely a lot of fun.  This was also the year of Henry's 50th birthday - we had already celebrated at our 25th anniversary but I thought we should pay some attention to it on the day & decorated a bit.  Henry ended up staying in Seattle that night waiting for the College kids to arrive - they had missed their connector plane and came the next morning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

After returning from Mexico our plan was to have a bunch of friends and family over to help us celebrate our anniversary.  Shortly before leaving for Mexico we found out my sister & husband & my mom & dad were hoping to come help us celebrate as well.  Very exciting indeed - did not think we would get more family visiting from Ontario since many of them had just been in August for the wedding.  And little did they realize it was also our Thanksgiving - so instead of a quiet day without visitors we ended up with a nice group around the table for turkey dinner.

Trip to Mexico - November 2014

On November 18th, 2014 it was our 25th anniversary - and we are very thankful to God for the many blessings over the years.   We decided it was a great excuse to take a trip somewhere together and so we ended up going to Cancun, Mexico.  Seldom do we go with just the two of us - and it was a treat to just relax in the sun.  The accommodations were amazing and the weather was great as well.  Here are only a few photos - the rest are on Henry's phone.  Some day you might see more...

Vincent turns 4!! A day in his life...

Here are some random photos of Vincent these last few months.  I think he will be an actor or entertainer - he certainly knows how to pose and definitely keeps us laughing!  Vince also turned 4 on October 15th - he had a few kids over for his birthday party.