Saturday, October 04, 2014

Jan & Jocelyn's Wedding - August 23, 2014

So the wedding day finally arrived - a perfectly sunny summer day!!  It was a wonderful day of celebration - we are so thankful that God brought these two together & we pray for a blessing on many years of happy married life.

White Water Rafting

So August 23rd finally came around after MUCH planning, shopping and more planning.  Several days before the wedding family from Ontario started to arrive.  Some of them stayed in a hotel in Aldergrove and some of them stayed at our place in campers.  We had a fantastic time together.  The day before the wedding our visiting family talked us into going white water rafting together on the Chilliwack river.  It was a great day and a great way to spend time with family before the busy wedding day.  It was hard to choose just a couple photos - what a blast!

Summer 2014

So this summer was the summer of our first wedding.  Jan & Jocelyn's wedding was planned for Aug. 23 and so it seemed everything was planned around that date.  We managed to meet Jake & Lorelle at our favorite campground in Winthrop and spent several days there boating on the lake.  This time we had a campsite right on the water with our little private beach in the background.  It was smoking hot as it usually is so we really just spent all the time in and around the water until it cooled off at night.  We spent an afternoon in Winthrop walking around and eating ice cream.  Good fun! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Where has time gone?

So it's been almost five months since I posted last.  My goal has always been to post each month but it looks like that just isn't realistic with my workload.  I look back to April when I posted last to see what has all happened...  several engagement parties - for our girls as well as others, Henry's involvement in the production of The Sound of Music and Hannah's role in it, Hannah's senior trip with CCS to Washington DC and her Sr. Graduation, Alec completing his Driver's Ed course and getting behind the wheel of our van very regularly, as well as Hannah's mission trip to Nicaragua.  Throughout all of this I have been struggling with some mystery illness that seems to fade and then flare up week after week.  It looks like I am on my way to feeling totally well again - so thankful for better health.  God teaches us to be patient in adversity and His plan is always perfect.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

And finally an update...

I can't believe it's been since January that I posted last.   I have been busy with doctors appointments and fighting some sort of medical condition no one could figure out what to do with.  Throughout all of this I found out I had multiple cysts and nodes on my thyroid and after a biopsy was extremely thankful to find out they were non-cancerous.   I'm starting to feel hopeful that this is the end and that my doctor's diagnosis of viral thyroiditis may have been right after all.  (I sure did learn a lot about my thyroid - and let me tell you that for such a tiny little organ it can sure cause a huge amount of grief).   I'm so thankful to be feeling better.  Today I spent some time outdoors pulling a few weeds and cleaning up around the yard.

I'm finally looking through my photos to see what I should have blogged about.  During the last week of February we were able to take a week away with good friends and enjoy some time in Phoenix.  The entire week was very warm - in the low 80's and pure sunshine.  As I wasn't feeling well at all I don't have the greatest photos but here's a few snaps.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Holiday Fun!

Here's some pictures showing some of the fun we had during our Christmas break.  We had a small gift exchange, went overnight to Seattle, did the Seattle Underground Tour and shopped downtown at the famous Nordstroms & Macy's.  It was a great time together as family!