Wednesday, April 02, 2014

And finally an update...

I can't believe it's been since January that I posted last.   I have been busy with doctors appointments and fighting some sort of medical condition no one could figure out what to do with.  Throughout all of this I found out I had multiple cysts and nodes on my thyroid and after a biopsy was extremely thankful to find out they were non-cancerous.   I'm starting to feel hopeful that this is the end and that my doctor's diagnosis of viral thyroiditis may have been right after all.  (I sure did learn a lot about my thyroid - and let me tell you that for such a tiny little organ it can sure cause a huge amount of grief).   I'm so thankful to be feeling better.  Today I spent some time outdoors pulling a few weeds and cleaning up around the yard.

I'm finally looking through my photos to see what I should have blogged about.  During the last week of February we were able to take a week away with good friends and enjoy some time in Phoenix.  The entire week was very warm - in the low 80's and pure sunshine.  As I wasn't feeling well at all I don't have the greatest photos but here's a few snaps.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Holiday Fun!

Here's some pictures showing some of the fun we had during our Christmas break.  We had a small gift exchange, went overnight to Seattle, did the Seattle Underground Tour and shopped downtown at the famous Nordstroms & Macy's.  It was a great time together as family!

Having fun with Indonesian family...

Here's just a few photos of the time we spent with Mary-Lynn & Dawid (my sister and her son visiting from Indonesia).  It snowed during the first night they were here so it was a winter wonderland when they woke up.  We took them skating - Dawid's first time and he did great!  We had a fondue evening with cousins from the valley the last night they were here - and the first night Lorelle and Jake arrived.  It was a wonderful time - so glad it was possible for them to stop by here for a few days before visiting the rest of the family in Ontario.  (The last photo is at the SeaTac airport - a beautiful quartet dressed in Charles Dickens era clothing sang beautiful Christmas carols throughout the airport)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Celebrating 80 years!!

This past Nov. 5th was my Dad's 80th birthday so I flew out to Ontario to join the celebration.   I arrived on a Friday and the following day we helped set up the JCS gym for a catered dinner.  We had a beautiful time together - although we were missing my sister's family from Indonesia and mine back in Lynden.  We had a photo booth set up where people had to set up a pose for each month based on when their birthday was.  The plan is to design a calendar with these photos (and scanned in missing people) on each months page.

The following Sunday we served cake (& coffee) to the congregation after the first service.  My parents have been in the same congregation all of their married life & it's a large church.  It was lots of fun talking to people I had not seen in years.  The following day my parents had family and friends over for morning coffee & I got to catch up with many relatives.  So glad I decided to fly out and so thankful that God has blessed Dad with so many years!   More great memories! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Vincent turned 3 on Oct. 15th.  It was fun to see how he understood it was his special day - even though he wasn't always thrilled with the attention he got.  After it was all over anyone who got a present or something special he would be upset with because "it's Vincent's happy birthday".  It's hard being a kid...  Here's some photos of gift opening and his little party with some friends.